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I  took my first yoga class at a small gym on New York’s Upper East Side in the early 1990s. It was such a relief from being a gymnast and I knew I had found my kind of body and spiritual work. During the last 6 years, I reignited the spark for real, traveled to India a few times, and completed my 500-hr certification program at Shakti Yogaloft in Berlin Kreuzberg. I'm a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, recognized by the German yoga alliance known as BDY. Right now I teach at Remedy Studio in Prenzlauer Berg and BEcycle in Mitte as well as private classes while continuing my YUNGsYOGA® mission to expand across the corporate and social culture of Berlin. For more info, feel free to contact me!

What does YUNGsYOGA® mean?

YUNGsYOGA® means Yoga for men (a little wordplay on the German word for boys: JUNGs). YUNGsYOGA® is for all of those who kinda heard about yoga but really don't get the hype or why this is supposed to be a good thing. We'll start with the basic poses, jumping right into practice and following up with a few nice breathing and anti-stress techniques. You can and should ask questions! Yoga is not just for women, athletes or super-flexible people in India. Yoga doesn't care where you come from, how flexible or spiritual you are. YUNGS, start your engines and get on your mats!

Guys only? Why?

2 Reasons

1. Do you know the difference between Coke Light and Coke Zero? Exactly. There is none! Same ingredients, different target audience and language. 

2. Many men are curious about yoga but they don't want to practice among armies of acrobatic, young women when they're starting out. One of my YUNGs made this point abundantly clear: "If I'm going to look like an ass (as in donkey), it better be among other men!"

I also travel around various corporate environments to teach yoga on site. Corporate Yoga takes place regularly but also by appointment. Please feel free to drop me a line for further infos!

What Guys say about YUNGsYOGA®

Hübner für BILD.de

"This is the second course of  YUNGsYOGA® led by Ricardia at Remedy Studio that I am attending.  Shaped by Ricardia's rich, charming and non-judgmental personality and knowledgeable foundations, the meetings create a unique experience."
Krzysztof (42)


…this was my first yoga experience and Ricardia's pleasant and unassuming, yet precise way of presenting the individual poses made my start of the working week much easier. Because this was a men-only group the course took place in a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend Ricardia's class to anyone interested in Yoga.


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